Table 6 Computational performances of different methods with different sample sizes and different numbers of markers
FIXED-A22 sec53 sec1 min 43 sec23 sec
FIXED-B41 sec1 min 44 sec4 min 25 sec34 sec
RANDOM-A36 sec1 min 42 sec5 min 21 sec27 sec
RANDOM-B55 sec2 min 31 sec8 min 10 sec39 sec
MPWGAIM32 min 29 sec2 h 33 min1h 33 min11 min 51 sec
  • a The first number after the species name is the sample size, and the second number is the number of markers.

  • b The number of bins is 6683, which is the total number of bins of the entire 19 chromosomes of the mouse genome.