Table 2 Comparison of new RAD, Rapture, and Rapture with one-fifth bait concentration (Rapture 1/5) sequencing results
Normalized sequenced fragmentsNo. of individualsAverage sequenced fragments per individualAverage mapped fragments (no clone removal)Average mapped fragments (clones removed)Average non-Rapture locus coverage (clones removed)Average Rapture locus coverage (clones removed)
RAD21,879,88728857,63046,655 (81.0%a)41,820 (72.6%a)0.450.43
Rapture21,879,88728865,97856,555 (85.7%a)42,288 (64.1%a)0.4016.01
Rapture 1/521,879,88728866,54058,075 (87.3%a)44,380 (66.7%a)0.4216.38
  • a Percentage of average sequenced fragments per individual.