Table 5 Possible origins and clonal compositions of germlines labeled L, MP, and P in the case where 3 nuclei are selected as germline progenitors
Initial classificationPossible germline compositions for three precursor nuclei
Premitotic: Complete mutations (whole body)Mitotic
SingleDouble mosaicsTriple mosaicsQuadruple mosaics
  • Each roman L denotes a lethal-bearing chromosome present in the germline and P denotes a nonlethal or parental chromosome. A monoclonal germline descends from a single clone, which may be either lethal or parental. Diclonal germlines descend from two clones, which could carry complementing lethal mutations (LL) or two clones without lethal mutations (PP) with different survival rates or one with and one without a lethal mutation (LP). A germline derived from as many as four different clones is a possible outcome even when only 3 nuclei are selected, as a result of the cases in which an alkylated strand is present in one of the progenitor nuclei.