Table 4 Genes with a predicted function in virulence located in recombination hotspots of Z. tritici
CrossProtein IDProtein characteristicsChromosome and position
3D1 × 3D7107758Small secreted tandem-repeat protein (TRP18)15652012–5653092
1A5 × 1E490262Small secreted protein15790864–5792208
3D1 × 3D799331Cutinase MgCUT4 under diversifying selection in Z. tritici for evasion of host23479067–3479856
3D1 × 3D7 and 1A5 × 1E4104283Small cysteine-rich secreted protein42371447–2372597
3D1 × 3D742164Small secreted protein (ZPS1 family)5224006–225198
1A5 × 1E4105351Small secreted protein8444217–444909
3D1 × 3D7105728β-Xylosidase MgXYL4 under purifying selection in Z. tritici for substrate optimization9989316–990401
3D1 × 3D7 and 1A5 × 1E4110790Small secreted protein91270903–1271945
3D1 × 3D7 and 1A5 × 1E495797Small secreted protein91274185–1275470
3D1 × 3D7111130Hemicellulase (ABFa α-l-arabinofuranosidase-A)101379647–1381988
3D1 × 3D7111451Secreted α-1,2-mannosyltransferase ALG12554075–555902
1A5 × 1E497702Aspartic protease1671035–72069
  • Functional predictions and population genetic analyses of cell wall degrading enzymes and small secreted proteins are summarized where available (Goodwin et al. 2011; Morais do Amaral et al. 2012; Brunner et al. 2013)