Table 1 Median additive and mutational heritability, the selection coefficient, and the coefficient of mutational variance for each trait (defined in Figure 1)
TraitEmbedded ImageaEmbedded ImageaEmbedded ImagebscCVMd
ILD 1-80.34990.002940.001990.005730.00289
ILD 2-40.43520.001890.001110.002540.00114
ILD 2-50.31610.003740.002910.009160.00158
ILD 2-80.41200.006870.006110.014830.00249
ILD 3-70.33650.005290.004400.013270.00185
ILD 3-90.37750.004290.003530.009500.00147
ILD 4-50.34390.005690.004820.013930.00245
ILD 5-60.36210.017710.016930.046320.00637
ILD 5-80.43910.006430.005670.013190.00239
ILD 7-90.51380.005280.004540.008720.00362
  • a Median heritability (Embedded Image; Embedded Image) estimated by applying the relevant equation to each of the 1000 posterior estimates and then determining the median of those values.

  • b Embedded Image.

  • c s = (median VM_obs − median VM_null)/VA, where estimates of VM can be found in Table S2.

  • d CVM = Embedded Image, where Embedded Image is the trait mean. CVM was not estimated for CHCs because the CHC data structure (log contrasts) is not suitable to mean scaling (Hansen et al. 2011; Houle et al. 2011).