Table 1 Eigenvectors for nine flag leaf morphology traits in principal component analysis of 103 rice accessions from NIAS Core Collection
Principal component1st2nd3rd
Contribution ratio39.227.513.5
Cumulative contribution39.266.680.1
 Length of flag leafLFL−
 Width of flag leafWFL0.50−0.050.21
 No. of large vascular bundlesNLVB0.39−0.270.03
 No. of small vascular bundlesNSVB0.48−0.24−0.07
 No. of small vascular bundles between large vascular bundlesNSVB bet LVB0.43−0.16−0.10
 Distance between small vascular bundlesDSVB0.280.260.50
 Thickness of flag leaf
  At point of large vascular bundleaTFL_LVB0.150.42−0.25
  At point of small vascular bundlebTFL_SVB0.130.57−0.03
  At point of motor cellbTFL_MC0.220.51−0.17
  • a Second large vascular bundle from midrib.

  • b Near second large vascular bundle from midrib.