Table 2 Four amino acid-altering differences in 10.3-kb region harboring QTL for flag leaf width: amino acid-altering nucleotide differences present in exon regions in 10.3-kb region
NARROW LEAF 1 (NAL1)Os04t0615200
3rd exon5th exon2nd exon
Nucleotide site150927272753No. of CTG repeats starting from 115th nucleotide
Amino acid residue233475484No. of glutamine residues starting from 39th amino acid
Parents used in F2 analysis
 TakanariG (R: arginine)C(A: alanine)G(V: valine)3
 AkenohoshiA (H: histidine)T(V: valine)A (I: isoleucine)4