Table 2 Online resources for search and view of TRiP stocks and corresponding information
Information and Screening Centers
The Transgenic RNAi ProjectTRiP
Drosophila RNAi Screening CenterDRSC
TRiP Stock Centers
Bloomington Drosophila Stock CenterBDSC
National Institute of Genetics, JapanNIG
TsingHua Fly Center, ChinaTHFC
Human Disease-Fly Ortholog PairsHuDis-TRiP
GLAD-Gene List Annotation at DRSCGLAD-TRiP
RNAi Stock Validation and PhenotypesRSVP
Updated Targets of RNAi ReagentsUP-TORR
PCR Primers in DrosophilaFlyPrimerBank
DRSC Ortholog Prediction ToolDIOPT
DRSC Disease Gene Query ToolDRSC-DGQT