Table 1 Lethality and development defects induced by ectopic expression of mahe with a variety of GAL4 drivers
GenotypeViabilityLethalityAdult phenotype
w;en-GAL4;UAS-HA maheLethal8% embryonic lethality, 78% lethality at first instar, and 14% lethality at second instar (n = 364)Lethal
w;Act5C-GAL4;UAS-HA maheLethal40% lethality at embryonic level and 60% lethality at second instar stage (n = 688)Lethal
w;patched-GAL4;UAS-HA maheViableNDViable with notched wing margin, reduced salivary gland size
w;eyGAL4:UAS-GFP;UAS-HA maheViableNDViable with smaller eye size and reduced salivary gland size
w;ap-GAL4;UAS-HA maheViableNDViable with blistered and notched wing
  • ND, not determined; n, total number of embryos counted.