Table 3 PomBase tools and resources
Advanced search Query historyFind all gene products with a specific feature (e.g., otology term, intron number, domain).
Combine the output of searches (add, intersect, subtract).
Gene list searchUpload a user-defined list to compare with other lists.
GO slimAccess lists of genes annotated to “broad” biological processes.
Motif searchIdentify lists of proteins matching user-defined amino acid sequence motifs.
Ensembl browserAccess sequence features in the context of the genome (e.g., polyadenylation sites, transcriptome data, nucleosome position).
Comparative genomicsSynteny views (S. octosporus, S. japonicas genomes).
ComparaSearch for orthologs/paralogs in Fungi, or in a pan-taxonomic comparison (eukaryotes), using Compara in the Ensembl browser.