Table 3 Summary of results for the QTL data of the Mimulus (Chen 2009) and maize studies (Coles et al. 2010)
Mimulus studyNs1SP
Corolla width:
Q1 vs. Ph2.20.380.13
Q1 vs. P02.21.90.05
Corolla length:
Q1 vs. Ph2.2−0.430.54
 Q1 vs. P02.21.00.14
Maize studyNs4SP
 Q4 vs. Ph402.80.07
 Q4 vs. P0405.10.045
 Q4 vs. Ph272.80.048
 Q4 vs. P0275.10.030
Plant height:
 Q4 vs. Ph0.77−0.610.42
 Q4 vs. P00.77−0.900.022
  • Note: Different evolutionary scenarios are tested against each other using both conditioning on the trait difference (Ph) and the Holm–Bonferroni correction (P0). Ns1 and Ns4 denote the inferred selection strengths of the Q scenarios, S is the log-likelihood score obtained, and P the corresponding P-value. In Mimulus, corolla width shows some evidence of selection; in maize, the photoperiod response traits GDDTA and GDDTS.