Table 2 Exogenous serotonin can rescue egg laying in D8delayed nonlaying animals
Animals examinednLaid in 30 mM serotonin (%)No germline (%)Anatomical disruption (%)Anatomy intact but nonresponsive (%)
D1 control forced Egl29860140
D8delayed Egl4232164210
  • At 100 hr recovery, animals that had not laid eggs were individually treated with 30 mM serotonin to induce vulval contractions. After 1 hr, animals were scored for egg laying and then mounted for microscopy. Anatomy of the germline and somatic reproductive system was observed with Nomarski optics. D1 control animals were forced Egl by brief starvation as adults. Abbreviations: Egl, egg-laying defective; D, day.