Table A1 Parameter estimates used in calculations and other notation
Parameter meaningNotationValue
Complete seed stock replacement probabilityEmbedded Image0.068
Pollen migration rateEmbedded Image0.0083
Number of plants per fieldNEmbedded Image
Number of ears used to replantEmbedded Image561
Mean ears per plantEmbedded Image3
Partial stock replacement probabilityEmbedded Image0.02
Mean proportion stock replacedEmbedded Image0.2
Pollen migration distanceEmbedded Image0 km
Seed replacement distanceEmbedded Image50 km
Distance between demesa15 km
Width of altitudinal clinew62 km
Deleterious selection coefficientEmbedded ImageVaries
Beneficial selection coefficientEmbedded ImageVaries
Slope of selection gradientαEmbedded Image
Variance in offspring numberEmbedded ImageVaries
Maize population densityρEmbedded Image
Area of highland habitatA270,000 km2
Mean dispersal distanceσ1.8 km