Table 1 A summary of notation and definitions
αPhenotypic effect of mutation
Embedded Image(Gaussian) distribution of new mutations
Embedded ImageMean genetic background phenotype
νRate of environmental change
Embedded Image(Gaussian) fitness function
Embedded ImageWidth of Gaussian fitness function
Embedded ImageVariance of new mutations
Embedded Image(Background) genetic variance
Embedded ImageTime-dependent selection coefficient for allele with phenotypic effect α
xFrequency of mutant allele
Embedded ImageEffective population size
θPer-locus mutation rate
ΘPopulation-wide mutation rate (per trait)
Embedded ImageFixation probability
Embedded ImageDistribution of mutant allele frequency at a single locus with phenotypic effect α
Embedded ImageProbability to adapt from standing genetic variation
Embedded ImageDistribution of adaptive substitutions from standing genetic variation
Embedded ImageEquilibrium lag