Table 1 Sc2.0 ethics and governance statement
Societal benefits
1. We will conduct and promote our work on Sc2.0 for the benefit of humankind.
2. We will participate with the project’s efforts to engage with the public and be transparent and open about our work on Sc2.0.
Intellectual property
3. Intellectual property rights will not be taken on Sc2.0 once created, nor on the intermediary clones and strains generated as part of the project.
4. Data and materials generated by this project will be made available to other researchers.
5. All sequence providers generating sequences for use in Sc2.0 shall be in compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Screening Framework Guidance for Providers of Synthetic Double-Stranded DNA.
6. Members of the Sc2.0 Project will assess individuals requesting Sc2.0 Project data/materials prior to shipment of any such materials to help reduce the chance that we are distributing materials to those with nefarious intent.
7. Our laboratories, practices, and methods will have at their core an ethos of safety for both laboratory workers and the communities outside our institutions.
8. All personnel will receive training in biosafety, dual-use concerns, and other ethics issues, as appropriate.
9. Our work on Sc2.0 is in compliance with national and local laws.
10. The Sc2.0 Executive Committee will address any issues that may arise with regard to safety or compliance with this agreement.
11. We will revisit this agreement as the project and the technologies it uses develop to ensure that any risk posed by this work is appropriately matched to the oversight it receives.