Table 2 Effect of the 3rd chromosome introgressions on genital morphology
RegionRelative effect size (%)aMaximum size (bp)Coordinates Dsim R1.4 (FlyBase)Maximum number of D. sim (D. mel orthologs)Maximum number of sex biased genesbMaximum number of D. mau biased genescCandidates common in b and c
C181300446,5003L:7905718.. 835221874 (52)3121
C21620003,486,8223L:11304252..14791074399 (312)14554
C31238005,448,7093L:2059152..3R:3040233693 (550)10960
P1/A1009−631,833,9573L:5494884..7328841236 (209)5303
P200601,947,9683L:8670985..10618953251 (207)2310
P3/A2007−65561,6183L:10745193..1130681192 (78)1131
P4/A30013−24825,2093R:3034107..385931698 (82)492
  • a Effect of homozygous introgressions as a percentage of the difference between parental strains.

  • b Chatterjee et al. 2011.

  • c Masly et al. 2011.