Table 1 QTL for clasper bristle number and size
2 LOD support region (cM)2 LOD support region (Chr@Mb)aAdditive allelic effectsb
TraitPeak location (Chr@cM)Peak significance (LOD)FromToFromToEffect size (SE)Relative effect size (%)Variance explained (%)
Clasper bristle numberX@22.03.632044X@0X@5.4−0.56 (0.18)11.26.42
X@77.07.1415995X@6.9X@11.7−0.91 (0.21)18.213.14
3L@49.04.28332993L@5.73R@1.9−0.47 (0.17)18.87.63
X@22.0:X@77.01.868−1.29 (0.44)3.24
X@77.0:3@49.02.3891.44 (0.44)4.16
Clasper size2R@94.53.408101132L@1.22R@4.4−155.76 (39.05)17.45.84
3L@56.02.40891113L@1.23R@8.1−99.58 (40.01)11.144.08
3R@112.06.325961333R@1.93R@15.3−208.98 (46.00)23.411.20
3L@56.0:3R@112.01.118−214.81 (95.23)1.87
  • a Regions corresponding to the 2-LOD support interval based on the next marker position closest to the interval boundaries.

  • b See main text (Materials and Methods) for details on how these different measures of effect size were calculated.