Table 3 Known memory genes identified from the RNAi screen
Transformant IDCG no.Drosophila geneReference
19124CG2204G protein oα 47AMadalan et al. (2011)
100039CG17348derailedMoreau-Fauvarque et al. (2002)
101759CG9533rutabagaLivingstone et al. (1984)
101811CG15720radishFolkers et al. (1993)
104422CG42344bruchpilotKnapek et al. (2010)
105485CG2835G protein sα 60AConnolly et al. (1996)
107967CG32498dunceDudai et al. (1976)
109637CG8318Neurofibromin 1Ho et al. (2007)
109881CG10697Dopa decarboxylaseTempel et al. (1983)
110606CG3985SynapsinKnapek et al. (2010)
  • The subset of lines from Table S2 representing genes that have already been reported to be involved in memory formation.