Table 3 Quantitation of founder cells present in mid mutant embryos and embryos with panmesodermal expression of UAS-mid
Stage 13–15 (% presence)
FC markersKr+Kr+Kr+Kr+Lb+Kr+Lb+
24B-GAL4/+ (n = 65)100100100100NA4.6NA
UAS-mid/+; 24B-GAL4/+ (n = 115)100100100100NA18NA
UAS-mid/+; Mef2-GAL4/+ (n = 35)100979898NA45NA
mid1/mid1; Mef2-GAL4/+ (n = 37)10027100100NA2.7NA
mid1, UAS-mid/mid1; Mef2-GAL4/+ (n = 25)10096100100NA28NA
UAS-mid/twi-GAL4 (n = 28)NANANANA100NA93
Wild type (n = 87)NANANANA98NA0
  • NA, not applicable; n, no. of segments.

  • a LT2, VA2, and LL1 scored as controls due to close proximity to LT4.

  • b Examined only muscles in the LT and SBM region.