Table 3 Summary of targeting msh and runt with Golic+
Transgenic {donor, gRNA}No. FFaCorrect targetingNonspecific insertionEscapers
{msh-T2A-Gal4 KI, gRNA} in attP409547 (36)b8 (8)15 (14)
{runt-T2A-Gal4 KI, gRNA} in attP405012320
  • Golic+ was used to knock in T2A-Gal4 in both msh and runt. The first available Golic+ set with transgenes on the second and third chromosomes was used although not ideal for targeting msh on the third chromosome. Since one FF could sometimes yield multiple candidates, the number of candidates may exceed the number of candidate-producing FF.

  • a FF, founder females.

  • b Number of candidates (number of candidate-producing FF) in the specific category.