Table 1 List of transgenic lines required for implementing Golic+
Full nameAbbreviationIntegration siteNote
Donor DNA plus gRNA in pTL{donor, gRNA}attP40, VK00027
GMR3-LexA::GADdGMR3-LexAattP40, attP2Cross with {donor, gRNA} injected adults to create rough eyes for {donor} transformant screening.
bamP(198)-Cas9-P2A-FLP-E2A-I-SceIbam198-CFIsu(Hw)attP8, attP2Expressing Cas9, FLP, and I-SceI under the bamP control to release donor DNA and introduce DSB at the target locus in every cystoblast.
5XLexAop2-rCD2miRNATS#6-Rac1V12 (3xP3-RFP)5X-riTS-Rac1V12attP40, VK00027Together with {donor, gRNA}*, providing a homozygous suppressible “toxic” background.
Residual {donor, gRNA}{donor, gRNA}*After donor release, it will reconstitute as a suppressible toxic module, 5X-FRT-riTS-Rac1V12.
nSyb-LexA::p65nSyb-LexAattP16, VK00027Larval/pupal lethality selection.