Table 1 Mapping power and estimates of QTL position and main effects
QTLChr.Par.Est. (SD)Par.Est. (SD)Par.Est. (SD)Par.Est. (SD)Par.Est. (SD)Power
Q1326.025.87 (1.90)1.81.73 (0.55)2.42.31 (0.40)0.80.82 (0.52)2.42.31 (0.82)99.8
Q2463.063.60 (1.27)1.81.75 (0.53)3.63.49 (0.36)2.52.45 (0.51)0.80.78 (0.79)100.0
Q3551.050.98 (1.85)2.52.48 (0.48)1.81.76 (0.35)0.90.91 (0.46)2.62.53 (0.69)100.0
  • QTL, the name of the simulated QTL; Chr., the order number of simulated chromosomes; Pos., the distance (centimorgans) between the QTL and the first marker on the same chromosome; am (dm) and ae (de), the maternal additive (dominance) effect and the endosperm additive (dominance) effect of one QTL, respectively; Power, the percentage of the QTL detected correctly at the significance of 0.05; Par., the true value of the parameter in simulation; Est., the estimate of the parameter; SD, the standard deviation of the estimate of the parameter.