Table 4 Marker-based estimation of heritability
IntervalCoverageInterval width
Structured RegMap
h2 = 0.2
 Broad sense0.8640.178
 Individual level (standard)0.9260.201
 Individual level (log-transformed)0.9570.203
 Means (standard)0.9120.314
 Means (log-transformed)0.9650.322
h2 = 0.5
 Broad sense0.7350.160
 Individual level (standard)0.9480.196
 Individual level (log-transformed)0.9560.194
 Means (standard)0.9090.460
 Means (log-transformed)0.9610.433
h2 = 0.8
 Broad sense0.6710.086
 Individual level (standard)0.9410.094
 Individual level (log-transformed)0.9410.094
 Means (standard)0.9230.422
 Means (log-transformed)0.9460.492
h2 = 0.2
 Broad sense0.9480.178
 Individual level (standard)0.9450.181
 Individual level (log-transformed)0.9690.182
 Means (standard)0.8350.538
 Means (log-transformed)0.9160.678
h2 = 0.5
 Broad sense0.9350.160
 Individual level (standard)0.9480.164
 Individual level (log-transformed)0.9520.163
 Means (standard)0.8610.806
 Means (log-transformed)0.9840.832
h2 = 0.8
 Broad sense0.9240.084
 Individual level (standard)0.9480.085
 Individual level (log-transformed)0.9500.085
 Means (standard)0.8920.882
 Means (log-transformed)0.9140.915
  • Shown are width and coverage confidence intervals obtained from the individual plant data and the genotypic means. Results for broad-sense heritability intervals are reported for comparison. We simulated 5000 traits, for random samples of 200 accessions drawn from the structured RegMap (top) and HapMap (bottom). Twenty unlinked QTL were simulated, which explained 50% of the genetic variance. The simulated heritability was 0.2, 0.5, and 0.8.