Table 3 Comparison of the marker-based heritability estimators Embedded Image and Embedded Image for simulated data
EstimatorBiasStandard errorRelative standard error
Structured RegMap
h2 = 0.2
 Broad sense (H2)−0.003140.060790.70120
 Individual level (Embedded Image)−0.002680.053060.61204
 Means (Embedded Image)0.004750.086701.00000
h2 = 0.5
 Broad sense (H2)−0.009380.071930.56365
 Individual level (Embedded Image)−0.004000.050930.39915
 Means (Embedded Image)−0.001640.127611.00000
h2 = 0.8
 Broad sense (H2)−0.008250.043090.36087
 Individual level (Embedded Image)−0.001380.024730.20712
 Means (Embedded Image)−0.003880.119401.00000
h2 = 0.2
 Broad sense (H2)−0.001280.046630.19404
 Individual level (Embedded Image)−0.001540.046420.19317
 Means (Embedded Image)0.053280.240331.00000
h2 = 0.5
 Broad sense (H2)−0.002880.042800.13754
 Individual level (Embedded Image)−0.002950.041200.13242
 Means (Embedded Image)0.044000.311151.00000
h2 = 0.8
 Broad sense (H2)−0.002820.023850.08263
 Individual level (Embedded Image)−0.002310.022140.07672
 Means (Embedded Image)−0.061370.288631.00000
  • We simulated 5000 traits, for random samples of 200 accessions drawn from the structured RegMap and HapMap. Twenty unlinked QTL were simulated, which explained 50% of the genetic variance. The simulated heritability was 0.2, 0.5, and 0.8. Standard errors are given relative to those of Embedded Image.