Table 1 sgRNA(F+E) has increased activity relative to the original sgRNA in deleting an MfeI restriction site in the klp-12 gene
GenotypeGuide RNA% deletiona (±95% CI)N
WTOriginal sgRNA54 (±2.73)157b
WTsgRNA(F+E)83 (±0.31)*85c
  • N = number of co-injection marker positive F1 progeny screened.

  • a (Number of animals with loss of MfeI restriction site/total number of co-injection marker positive animals screened) × 100; CI, confidence interval; 95% confidence interval, Zσ/√n = 1.96σ/√n. *Two-tailed t-test comparing original sgRNA to sgRNA(F+E) P = 0.043.

  • b From four independent injections.

  • c From two independent injections.