Table 1 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeting and its efficiency for various mouse/rat genes
ReferenceGene(s)CRISPR targeted/ total born pups (%)Concentration (Cas9/gRNA/HDR template ng/μl)Mode of deliveryNucleaseType of editing event
Shen et al. (2013)aPouf5-IRES-EGFP (knock in)1/5 (20)20/20N/ANLS-flag-linker-Cas9 mRNA/DSBNHEJ
CAG-EGFP (transgene)1/7 (14.2)20/20N/ANLS-flag-linker-Cas9 mRNA/DSBNHEJ
Wang et al. (2013)Tet110/12 (83.3)100/50CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Tet219/22 (86.4)100/50CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Tet311/15 (73.3)100/50CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Tet1+Tet2 (2 gRNAs)28/31 (90.3)100/50 eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Tet1b6/9 (66.6)100/50/100gCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Tet2b9/15 (60)100/50/100gCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Tet1+Tet2b (2 gRNAs)1/14 (7.1)100/50 each/ 100g eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Tet1+Tet2 (2 gRNAs)6/10 (60)100/50 each/ 100g eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Li et al. (2013)aTh8/9 (88.8)25/12.5CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Rheb3/4 (75)25/12.5CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Uhrf211/12 (91.6)25/12.5CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Th0/10 (0)1PronucSP6-Cas9 plasmid/DSBNHEJ
Th1/11 (9)2.5PronucSP6-Cas9 plasmid/DSBNHEJ
Mc4rc13/15 (86.6)25/12.5CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Mc3rc1/15 (6.6)25/12.5CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Ran et al. (2013a)Mecp2b (2 gRNAs)61/61 (100)100/50 eachCytoCas9(D10A) RNA/double nickNHEJ
Mecp2b34/37 (91.8)100/50CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Yang et al. (2013a)aTet1 +Tet2b (2 gRNAs)3/15 (20)100/50 each/ 200g eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Nanogb86/936 (9.1)100/50/200hCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Nanog7/86 (8.1)100/50/200hCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Nanogb7/75 (9.3)5/2.5/10hPronucCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Oct4b47/254 (18.5)100/50/200hCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Oct43/10 (30)100/50/200hCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Oct4b13/72 (30)5/2.5/10hPronucCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Sox212/35 (34.3)100/50/200gCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Mecp2 (2 gRNAs)16/98 (16)d, 5/98 (5)e100/50 each/200g eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBHDR
Fujii et al. (2013)Rosa267/7 (100)10/10CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Hprt (2 gRNAs)17/18 (94.4)10/10 eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Hprt (2 gRNAs)5/18 (27.7) (∼10 kb deletion)10/10 eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Mashiko et al. (2013)Cetn110/17 (58.8)5PronucCas9 pX330/DSBNHEJ
Prm12/3 (66.6)5PronucCas9 pX330/DSBNHEJ
Cetn15/20 (25.0)10/1CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Prm14/4 (100)40/10CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Sung et al. (2014)aPrkdc21/37 (56.7)50/250CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Foxn154/58 (93.1)10/100CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
Foxn1b15/17 (88.2)200/400iPronucCas9 protein/DSBNHEJ
Foxn1b10/14 (71.4)200/400iCytoCas9 protein/DSBNHEJ
Shen et al. (2014)aAr (2 gRNAs)5/20 (25)20/10 eachCyto/PronucCas9 protein/DSBNHEJ
3/8 (37.5)f20/10 eachCyto/PronucCas9(D10A) RNA/double nickNHEJ
10/12 (83.3)f20/10 eachCyto/PronucCas9(H840A) RNA/double nickNHEJ
Fujii et al. (2014)aRosa26 (4 gRNAs)6/6 (100; 83% with ∼1-kb deletion)100/10 eachCytoCas9(D10A) RNA/double nickNHEJ
Horii et al. (2014)Tet1 (Ex4)9/9 (100)50/20CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
5/5 (100)50/20PronucCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
4/5 (80)5PronucCas9 pCAG-hCas9/DSBNHEJ
Tet1 (Ex7)10/19 (52.6)50/20CytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
7/15 (46.7)50/20PronucCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
2/8 (25)5PronucCas9 pCAG-hCas9/DSBNHEJ
Yen et al. (2014)aTyr (2 gRNAs)10/12 (83.3)5/6.67 eachCytoCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
22/28 (78.5)5/6.67 eachPronucCas9 RNA/DSBNHEJ
  • Boldface numbers represent mice edited for two genes/loci. Cyto/Pronuc, cytoplasmic/male pronuclear.

  • a Mosaicism reported.

  • b Editing efficiency reported in mice blastocysts.

  • c Editing efficiency reported in rat blastocysts.

  • d Two lox P integrations in one allele.

  • e Two lox P integrations in two alleles.

  • f Data calculated from gel picture.

  • g HDR template: ssODN.

  • h HDR template: dsDNA.

  • i Concentrations in nanomoles/L.