Table 2 Mutation rates in Escherichia coli K12
StrainAssayMutation rate per locus (×108) [95% CL]Mutation rate per bp (×1010)Mutation rate per genomeReferences
BW2952 (high RpoS)aRifR fluctuation test6.55 [4.9–7.9]8.30.0039This study
BW5206 (low RpoS)aRifR fluctuation test2.2 [1.3–2.6]2.80.0013This study
BW2952 (high RpoS)aCycR fluctuation test20.8 [15.7–26.7]NANAThis study
BW5206 (low RpoS)aCycR fluctuation test5.3 [3.5–7.5]NANAThis study
E. coli K-12bCycR fluctuation test6.5NANAFeher et al. (2006); Posfai et al. (2006)
E. coli K-12bMutation AccumulationNA2.20.0010Lee et al. (2012)
E. coli K-12blacI (Lac reversion)NA4.1–9.30.0019–0.0043Drake et al. (1998); Drake (2012)
  • a RifR and CycR mutation rates and 95% confidence interval (CL) in the strains with high and low levels of RpoS were calculated as described in Figure 1. The RifR mutation rates per base pair (bp) per generation were estimated from mutation rates per locus by assuming RifR is conferred by 79 different point mutations in the rpoB gene (Garibyan et al. 2003).

  • b Mutation rates were based on published studies.