Table 1 Strains used in this study
Strain nameGenotype
F2-01fl A
F2-26rid; fl a
F2-27rid r::hph; fl a
F3-24rid his-3+::asm-1; fl; asm-1::hph a
ISU 3036rid; fl; sad-2Δ::hph A
ISU 3037rid; fl; sad-2Δ::hph a
ISU 3111sad-6Δ::hph A
ISU 3112sad-6Δ::hph a
ISU 3113fl; sad-6Δ::hph A
ISU 3114rid his-3; mus-52Δ::bar; VIIL::ref4-hph A
ISU 3115rid; fl; VIIL::ref4-hph a
ISU 3116rid; fl; mus-52Δ::bar;VIIL::ref2-hph a
ISU 3117rid his-3; VIIL::ref2-hph A
ISU 3118rid his-3; mus-52Δ::bar; VIIL::ref1-hph A
ISU 3119rid his-3; mus-52Δ::bar; VIIL::ref3-hph A
ISU 3121rid his-3; gfp-sad-6-hph a
ISU 3122rid his-3; gfp-sad-5-hph A
ISU 3123rid; mus-52Δ::bar mCherryNC-spo76::hph a
ISU 3124rid his-3; mus-52Δ::bar; VIIL::ref5-hph A
ISU 3127rid; fl; VIIL::ref5-hph a
ISU 3141arid his-3; VIIL::ref6-hph A
ISU 3143arid; fl; VIIL::ref1-hph a
ISU 3154br::hph; sad-6Δ::hph A
P3-07Oak Ridge wild type (WT) A
P6-07rid A
P8-01sad-2Δ::hph A
P8-43rid his-3; mus-52Δ::bar A
P9-42Oak Ridge wild type (WT) a
P10-15rid his-3 A
P12-01r::hph A
P15-22rid his-3; mus-52Δ::bar; gfp-sms-2::hph A
  • All strains used in this study are descendants of lines 74-OR23-1VA (FGSC 2489) and 74-ORS-6a (FGSC 4200) (Perkins 2004).

  • a The allele for mus-52 was not determined (mus-52+ or mus-52Δ::bar).

  • b The allele for rid was not determined (rid+ or rid).