Table 3 X chromosome NDJ in sunn mutant females
Progeny types
Maternal genotypeDJa BDJa B+NDJb y+ B+NDJ(Sis)b,c y B+NDJb y B♂nd%NDJe%sisfP/Fg
Total sunn75152140559375211156.925.4
Gamete freq. (%)35.624.719.22.817.8
  • Dp(1;1)scv1, y .y+/y females with the above third chromosome genotypes were crossed with two YSX.YL, In(1)EN, y B/Y males.

  • a DJ: progeny from normal (disjunctional) eggs.

  • b NDJ: progeny from NDJ eggs. The B+ daughters result from diplo-X eggs and the y B sons from nullo-X eggs.

  • c NDJ(Sis): The y B+ daughters derive from diplo-X eggs carrying two sister chromatids lacking the y+ centromere marker, so represent sister chromatid NDJ only. The other two NDJ categories reflect a mix of sister chromatid and homolog NDJ.

  • d n: total number of progeny counted.

  • e %NDJ = 100 × 2 (NDJ)/ (n + NDJ).

  • f %sis = % sister chromatid NDJ = 2 × (y B+♀)/(y B+♀ + y+ B+).

  • g P/F (progeny/female) = average number of progeny a single female produces when crossed to two males. hNot applicable.