Table 2 Pigment phenotypes in F2 families segregating for a1pIR transgene and mop3-1
Transgenemop3-1 genotypePlant colorFamily 5Family 6Family 7Family 8
a1pIRWild type (24)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (24)a8 (4)c13 (8)c3 (1)cNDb
a1pIRHeterozygous (48)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (48)a15 (7)c21 (13)c6 (4)c6 (3)c
a1pIRHomozygous (16)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (16)a5 (5)c6 (6)c2 (1)c3 (3)c
Wild type (48)aDark (2)aNDb2NDbNDb
Light (46)a171676
Heterozygous (63)aDark (1)aNDb1NDbNDb
Light (62)a2518 (1)c12 (2)c8
Homozygous (25)aDark (24)a5577
Light (1)aNDbNDbNDb1
  • a Total number of individuals in this category.

  • b Individuals with this phenotype and genotype were not detected.

  • c Number in parentheses indicates number of plants with sectored phenotype. This is a subset of the total number of plants in that category.