Table 1 Pigment phenotypes in F2 families segregating for a1pIR transgene and mop1-1
Transgenemop1-1 genotypePlant colorFamily 1Family 2Family 3Family 4
a1pIRHeterozygous (69)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (69)a23 (1)c26 (1)c515
a1pIRHomozygous (62)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (62)a16 (7)c20 (9)cNDb26 (5)c
Heterozygous (56)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (56)a2117414
Homozygous (39)aDark (26)a11618
Light (13)a15NDb7
  • a Total number of individuals in this category.

  • b Individuals with this phenotype and genotype were not detected.

  • c Number in parentheses indicates number of plants with sectored phenotype. This is a subset of the total number of plants in that category.