Table 4 Pigment phenotypes in F2 families segregating for b1IR transgene and mop1-1
Transgenemop1-1 genotypePlant colorFamily 12Family 13Family 14Family 15
b1IRWild type (21)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (21)a3765
b1IRHeterozygous (57)aDark (1)aNDbNDbNDb1
Light (56)a15171410
b1IRHomozygous (29)aDarkNDbNDbNDbNDb
Light (29)a73712
Wild type (31)aDark (1)aNDbND1NDb
Light (30)a104511
Heterozygous (42)aDark (1)aND1NDbNDb
Light (41)a715712
Homozygous (15)aDark (15)a8331
  • a Total number of individuals in this category.

  • b Individuals with this phenotype and genotype were not detected.