Table 1 HS rat SNPs that pass the region-wide significance threshold for fasting glucose and/or Tpcn2 expression levels
SNP location (bp)Gene/functional locationTrait (−log P)VariantFounder strain(s) with variantAmino acid change (Polyphen and SIFT predictions)
205,653,821Rmt1/intronFasting glucose (3.62)T to CACI, BUF, M520, MR, WKY, WNNA
Tpcn2 expression (6.58)
205,715,459Tpcn2/exonFasting glucose (3.35)G to AF344P to L (benign/tolerated)
Tpcn2 expression (6.17)
205,898,738Cpt1a/exonTpcn2 expression (4.90)G to AACI, BUF, M520, MR, WNV to I (benign/tolerated)
206,242,238RGD1311946/exonTpcn2 expression (3.69)G to AF344A to T (unknown/tolerated)
206,726,856Gpr152/exonTpcn2 expression (4.43)C to TF344Q to * (unknown/unknown)
  • * indicates a stop codon.