Table 2 Association between Tpcn2 SNPs and diabetic traits in humans
Fasting insulinHOMA_IR
SNPLocationUnadjusted P-value (effect)BH adjusted P-valueUnadjusted P-value (effect)BH adjusted P-value
rs11604251chr11: 68,820,4290.0073 (+)0.05110.6643 (+)0.6643
rs7127082chr11: 68,822,0230.02475 (−)0.09370.0392 (−)0.2415
rs753559chr11: 68,851,6050.02676 (+)0.09370.03936 (+)0.2415
rs10736671chr11: 68,858,9070.0038 (+)0.05110.05174 (−)0.2415
  • Only the 4 most significant SNPs (of 14) are reported. Statistics on the additional SNPs are reported in Table S1. SNPs that remain marginally significant after adjusting for multiple comparisons using the Benjamini and Hochberg FDR method (BH) are in boldface type.