Table 1 Number of SNPs evolving in frequency under lab adaptation
NLP 5aNLP 1.3a> 0.3b<−0.3cFixedd
High fat 13,2926,65316,8059967,628
High fat 23,5016,63422,0361,88914,289
High sugar 13,7256,85918,9061,0737,003
High sugar 23,3956,38522,3281,49111,099
Low sugar 12,7056,09014,4138305,821
Low sugar 23,2596,34520,9191,80714,719
High fat (both)1,6625,6768,5022953,613
High sugar (both)1,8625,5929,2172983,025
Low sugar (both)1,2454,9586,6972352,619
High calorie6094,3183,56847852
Sugar diet4513,6522,54927635
All six populations2323,0321,6147302
  • a Number of SNPs of the 8343 significant at NLP 5 in any replicate, significant at NLP 1.3 (P < 0.05) for the indicated contrast with baseline.

  • b Major alleles at baseline that decreased in frequency by >0.3.

  • c Major alleles at baseline that increased by at least 0.3 (compare with footnote d).

  • d Major alleles at baseline that increased to fixation.