Table 2 PCR-based differentiation of alleles for pseudo vic locus at C. parasitica genome Scaffold 6: 599,514–606,808
IsolateLocationPseudo vic alleleIsolateLocationPseudo vic allele
JA01Chiyodo, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-01Finzel, MD1
JA02Chiyodo, Ibaraki, JapanPCR failureMD-05Finzel, MD1
JA03Chiyodo, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-07Finzel, MD1
JA04Chiyodo, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-09Finzel, MD1
JA06Chiyodo, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-11Finzel, MD1
JA11Chiyodo, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-16Finzel, MD2
JA12Chiyodo, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-18Finzel, MD1
JA19Iwama, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-21Finzel, MD1
JA20Iwama, Ibaraki, Japan2MD-25Finzel, MD1
JA21Iwama, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-28Finzel, MD1
JA23Iwama, Ibaraki, Japan2MD-30Finzel, MD1
JA60Yasato, Ibaraki, Japan1MD-32Finzel, MD2
EU40 (control)1MD-34Finzel, MD2
EU31 (control)2MD-36Finzel, MD2
  • The C. parasitica genome Scaffold 6: 599,514–606,808 can be found at Isolates from Japan and Finzel, Maryland, were used in previous population studies described by Liu and Milgroom (2007) and Milgroom and Cortesi (1999), respectively.