Table 1 Summary of Kill-It study
Experimental goalTechnique/resource usedResult
Isolate yeast mutants resistant to Kill-ItSelection of spontaneous mutants
Identify complementation groupsMating of MATa and MATα recessive mutants
Clone wild-type version of the KIR1 geneFunctional complementation
Determine the sequence of KIR1 and its chromosomal locationSequence the library clone; BLAST
Determine effect of deleting the KIR1 geneTargeted disruption to construct a kir1Δ strain
Determine cellular location of Kir1 proteinTag Kir1 at N and C termini with GFP
Determine which cellular components interact with Kir1SGD interactions resources
Determine if and where Kir1 interacts with chromatinChIP-seq
Determine impact of a KIR1 deletion on the expression of other genesRNA-seq