Table 5 Comparisons of the numbers of genes overlapped by outlier windows at various empirical cutoffs
Australian NS genesAustralian significant genes
5% tail
 North American NS genes7,7361,272
 North American significant genes1,357807
P = 8.309E-120OR = 3.62
2.5% tail
 North American NS genes9,046844
 North American significant genes934348
P = 1.62E-71OR = 3.99
1.0% tail
 North American NS genes10,152435
 North American significant genes49194
P = 6.93E-27OR = 4.47
  • P-values and associated odds ratios are from Fisher’s exact test on the presented contingency tables. In each case, there is significantly more overlap in genes that contain outlier windows than one would expect under the null model of independence. NS, nonsignificant; OR, odds ratio.