Table 1 RNAi mutants surveyed for HSN migration defect
RNAi pathway geneClassNature of mutationHSN migration defect?
alg-1 (gk214)ArgonauteLoss of functionaNo
C04f12.1 (tm892)ArgonauteLoss of functionbNo
csr-1 (tm892)Nuclear ArgonautePartially rescued mutantcYes
drh-3 (ne4253)HelicaseLoss of functiondYes
ergo-1 (tm1860)ArgonauteLoss of functionbNo
nrde-3 (gg066)Nuclear ArgonauteNulleNo
rde-1 (ne300)ArgonautePutative nullfNo
rde-3 (ne298)Nucleotidyl-transferaseLoss of functionfNo
rde-4 (ne299)dsRNA bindingNullfYes
rrf-1 (pk1417)RdRPNullgNo
rrf-2 (ok210)RdRPNullhNo
rrf-3 (pk1426)RdRPNullgNo
  • HSNs were visualized by crossing a tph-1::gfp reporter into individual mutant strains.

  • a Grishok et al. (2005).

  • b Yigit et al. (2006).

  • c Claycomb et al. (2009).

  • d Gu et al. (2009).

  • e Guang et al. (2008).

  • f Tabara et al. (1999).

  • g Sijen et al. (2001).

  • h Deletion allele provided by the C. elegans Gene Knockout Project. The deletion covers part of the expected promoter region and the first two exons.