Table 1 Parameter definitions
NPopulation size
τfTime of fixation of selected allele
tTime in generations
x(t)Frequency of the selected allele
h(t)Relative heterozygosity at the neutral locus among selected chromosomes
qlMinor allele frequency at site l
l0Length of neutral region
LFlanking sequence length
πNucleotide diversity, Embedded Image
π0Nucleotide diversity under neutrality
πNNucleotide diversity in a population of size N
p(t)Probability of common ancestry at the neutral locus
nNumber of sampled sequences
μMutation rate per generation per chromosome per base pair
θ = 4Population-scaled mutation rate
sSelection coefficient
α = 2NsPopulation-scaled selection strength
rRecombination rate per generation per chromosome per base pair
ρ = 4NrPopulation-scaled recombination rate
rfRecombination fraction (probability of productive recombination, per generation per chromosome)
λRate of positively selected substitutions per site per generation
khRate of common ancestry induced by sweep events [see (4)]
RcTotal rate of common ancestry induced by sweep and coalescent events
Iα,sThe integral Embedded Image [see (4)]
Embedded ImageThe integral Embedded Image [see (14)]
I = 0.075A constant approximating Iα,s