Table 1 Germline transmission rates of NHEJ
Male crossesFemale crosses
gRNA(s)Injection line% (no.) founders% (no.) mutant progeny% (no.) founders% (no.) mutant progeny% germline transmission% mutant progeny per founder
R2w111827 (3/11)22 (88/404)NANA27 (3/11)28 (2–67)
R3w11189.7 (3/31)1.7 (27/1621)5.3 (1/19)0.49 (2/406)8 (4/50)23 (5–56)
R2vasa-Cas921 (3/14)5 (68/1264)36 (4/11)10 (40/399)28 (7/25)41 (5–100)
R3vasa-Cas939 (9/23)6 (93/1548)71 (12/17)37 (236/630)53 (21/40)20 (1–100)
  • The indicated gRNAs were either co-injected with pBS-hsp70-Cas9 into w1118 flies or injected into vasa-Cas9 flies. Injected flies were crossed to y1; ry1 and progeny screened for rosy eye color. The percentage of crosses producing one or more rosy progeny (founders) is indicated along with the percentage of total mutant progeny. At least one progeny per founder was sequenced to confirm the presence of a targeted lesion.