Table 2 M. truncatula gene models containing climate candidates, their A. thaliana (At) homologs, and hypothesized function based on prior studies
Climate variableGene modelaAt BLAST matchesFunctional annotation for At matches
PWM1g045760.1 3-isopropylamate dehydrogenaseAT4G13430 (MAM-IL)Methylthioalkylmalate isomerase involved in glucosinolate biosynthesis (Sawada et al. 2009)
PWM2g025700.1 calcineurin B-like proteinAT3G51970Calcineurin B-like proteins are calcium sensors involved in stress response signaling (Tang et al. 2012).
AMT2g039300.1 protein kinaseAT1G73660At gene encodes a putative MAPKKK and negatively regulates salt tolerance in Arabidopsis (Gao et al. 2011).
PWM3g093430.1 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein/permeaseAT1G28010 (and others)Controls stomatal response to CO2 (Lee et al. 2008)
AMT7g074620.1 Ethanolamine-phosphate cyticylyltransferaseAT2G38670Leaf respiration capacity during prolonged growth under short-day conditions (Otsuru et al. 2013)
ITH AMT7g092550.1 unknownAT2G01050Zinc ion binding; nucleic acid binding (
8g069370.1 unknown
AMT1g017870.1 70 kD peptidyl-prolyl isomeraseAT3G25230Possible role in thermal tolerance through interactions with HSP90.1 (Meiri and Breiman 2009)
AMT4g064550.1 E3 ubiquitin-ligaseAT3G55530Drought tolerance (Zhang et al. 2008a,b; Gao et al. 2011).
AMT4g119450.1 cullin-like protein1AT4G02570Stomatal closure under drought (Zhang et al. 2008a,b)
AMT7g082470.1 Ser/Thr protein kinaseAT1G70250 cExpression changes significantly under temperature stress (Swindell et al. 2007).
AMT and PWM2g027090.1 PDS5-like sister-chromatid cohesion proteinAT5G47690Expressed in stomata guard cells under stress (Zhao et al. 2008; Obulareddy et al. 2013)
AMT and ITH4g114850 β-1,3-glucanaseAT5G42100 (AtBG_pap)Release of winter dormancy in Populus buds (Rinne et al. 2011)
AMT 5g019700.1 Ser/Thr kinaseAT5G66710Protein phosphorylation (
AMT8g077980.1 kinase ATN1
PWM 4g023400.1 TMV resistance NAT5G36930dDisease resistance protein (TIR-NBS-LRR class) family: same AT gene is best match for both candidates
AMT6g074650.1 resistance-like
ITH 5g019070.1 LRR receptor-like serine/threonin kinase FEIAT5G20480 (EFR)EF-Tu receptor PRR for PAMP elf18 and immune recognition (Zipfel et al. 2006; Roux et al. 2011); linked to climate adaptation (Fournier-Level et al. 2011).
AMT5g026000.1 kinase-like protein
PWM 2g025860 F-box proteinAT4G12560 (CPR30)Negative regulator of defense response (Gou et al. 2009; Cheng et al. 2011) M. truncatula paralog (3g011020) is a major determinant of resistance to oomycete A. euteiches (Bonhomme et al. 2014).
ITH7g060940 F-box proteine
  • a International Medicago Genome Annotation Group gene model ID in boldface type, with annotated gene product.

  • b SNPs given as chromosome:position.

  • c Tenth-best match, 12 with e-100 or better.

  • d AT5G36930 is the best BLAST match out of many significant hits for 4g023400.1; and the single best match for 6g074650.1.

  • e AT4G12560 CPR30 is among the five highest matches for Medtr7g060940.