Table 2 Maximum-likelihood estimates of parameters under the divergence with admixture (IUA) model
Data set, kbθT1T2Tgff
CEU, 20.420.3790.9670.120.053 (0.034–0.073)
7,012 (6,950–7,190)133 (124–141)339 (329–349)55.1 (0–T1)
CHB, 20.420.3760.9680.160.059 (0.039–0.079)
7,000 (6,950–7,190)132 (123–140)339 (329–349)75.8 (0–T1)
10,000NA270–440 KYNA0.01–0.06
  • Time parameters are scaled in 2Ne generations and measured from the present. The second row (in boldface type) gives absolute parameter values, i.e., effective population sizes in individuals and divergence in KY. Ninety-five percent confidence intervals (in parentheses) were calculated assuming that LD between blocks >100 kb apart can be ignored. Estimates by Green et al. (2010) and Durand et al. (2011) are shown for comparison in the last row.