Table 1 Eye screens for disruptive Hto inserts
ScreenF1 flies screeneda“Rough-eyed” flies recoveredUnique lines established (rate)Trans hop ratebNew hops screenedcUnique lines per hop
#14,500128 (1/560)ND2901/36
#27,6001411 (1/690)5.6% (n = 695)4901/45
#3 (2 × HS)4,8002615 (1/320)20.0% (n = 501)12101/81
Total, #1–316,9005234 (1/500)NA19901/59 (1.7%)
  • Summary of results from three F1 screens for rough or otherwise defective eyes. More stringent screening criteria were used in screen 3; F1 progeny with weak phenotypes were not retained, resulting in a lower rate of positives.

  • a An estimate of the total number of offspring from the mosaic Starter males; all of these F1 were inspected for defects.

  • b Percentage of female F1 with new trans hops as determined by RFP in the eye; the rate in males would be reduced since they cannot inherit X chromosome hops from the paternal side.

  • c An estimate of the total number of new insertions present in the F1, extrapolated from the female hop rate (see Materials and Methods).