Table 2 Accuracy and inflation estimates (standard deviations) for different prediction models including additive and dominant matrices using simulated data
 MA0.58 (0.04)0.98 (0.15)
 MG0.68 (0.02)0.96 (0.08)
 MGD0.69 (0.02)0.96 (0.08)
 MADped0.58 (0.03)0.99 (0.15)
 MGD0.44 (0.03)0.91 (0.26)
 MADped0.32 (0.03)1.23 (1.28)
  • Prediction models were based on best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP): a mixed model based on the pedigree additive relationship matrix and phenotypes (MA), an alternative model including pedigree-based additive and dominant relationship matrices (MADped), a genomic model including the additive genomic relationship matrix (MG), and a genomic model involving breeding values and dominance deviations (MGD).

  • a The correlation between true and estimated breeding values.

  • b The coefficient of regression of true on estimated breeding values.