Table 3 Phenotypic comparison between methylation-proficient and –deficient M. oryzae strains
StrainMethylation of MAGGYGrowth on rich mediaaPathogenicity on host plantsCross with Br48Cross with Br48-Δdim2
GFSI1-7-2b6.40 ± 0.12+++FertileFertile
GFSI1-7-2+MoDMT1+6.57 ± 0.13+++FertileFertile
Br48c+6.18 ± 0.10+++n.t.n.t.
Br48–Δdim26.15 ± 0.06+++n.t.n.t.
  • n.t., not tested.

  • a Colony diameter (cm) after 10 days culture on CM agar media.

  • b Mating type, MAT1-2.

  • c Mating type, MAT1-1.