Table 1 Number of transgenic and EGFP-expressing F1 animals obtained using Cas9/sgRNA directed against an EGFP frameshift reporter
sgRNA concentrationaPhsp-16.48::Cas9 concentrationaNo. P0 injectedTransgenic F1F1 expressing EGFP
202010126114 (90%)
5050103227 (84%)
  • a All concentrations are in nanograms per microliter. Injections with 20 ng/µl Cas9/sgRNA are supplemented with 20 ng/µl of PstI-digested λ DNA. All injections include 5 ng/µl of the Pmyo-3::mCherry marker to identify transgenic animals and 15 ng/µl of the out-of-frame EGFP reporter.