Table 1 Empirical threshold values of the likelihood-ratio test statistics of the LASSO method
Yield (YD)2.82623.85537.536034.4162
Tiller no. (TP)2.60383.93927.187311.9047
Grain no. (GN)2.73184.11898.041914.8026
1000-grain weight (KGW)2.74623.63887.742624.1423
Grain length (GL)2.71183.85956.951716.2033
Grain width (GW)2.86763.88927.457339.4850
Heading date (HD)2.66523.70936.315841.9847
Apicule color (OsC1)2.89994.14468.087418.4805
Mean threshold2.75663.89437.415025.1774
Theoretical threshold2.70553.84146.6349
  • The Embedded Image percentile represents Embedded Image type I error rate. For example, the chi-square threshold under the 95th percentile gives the threshold used to control Embedded Image genome-wide type I error. The chi-square threshold divided by Embedded Image gives the LOD score threshold. The empirical threshold values were drawn from 1000 permuted samples.