Table 2 Numbers of natural bins associated with eight traits in rice
TraitNo. significant binsGenetic variancePhenotypic varianceHeritability
Yield (YD)61.456819.83240.0734
Tiller no. (TP)380.63301.48450.4264
Grain no. (GN)14119.4602374.48670.3189
1000-grain weight (KGW)524.67876.41930.7288
Grain length (GL)570.25240.30950.8154
Grain width (GW)130.02260.04790.4722
Heading date (HD)49.623363.73180.1509
Apicule color (OsC1)10.23160.24670.9388
  • Bins were detected under 0.05 genome-wide type I error, where the thresholds for the test statistics were generated from 1000 randomly permuted samples (see Table 1).