Table 1 Description of experimental data sets
No. observations n413254199
No. SNPs p36,9012,056215,908
No. chromosomes12215
Average distance of neighboring SNPs10.1 kbNAd0.55 kb
Average minor allele frequency0.260.200.24
Average r2 of neighboring SNPs0.39NAd0.26
Traits analyzed (acronym)Days to heading in Aberdeen (flowering time)YieldFlowering time in the field (flowering time)
Plant heightThousand-kernel weightPlant diameter at flowering (plant diameter)
Panicle lengthDays to headingFRIGIDA (FRI) gene expression
Length of seed with hull (seed length)Plant diameter grown at 10° (plant width)
  • a Data sets previously described in Zhao et al. (2011).

  • b Data sets previously described in Poland et al. (2012).

  • c Data sets previously described in Atwell et al. (2010).

  • d Marker positions not available.